Quality, Environment and Approvals

Clynder Cables maintain the highest quality standards, with stringent in-house testing and accreditation with internationally recognised approvals bodies.

Certificate of ConformityRoHS & REACH

Quality Management

Clynder Cables carry out rigorous in-house cable testing in our laboratory and regularly send samples for testing with the relevant associated approvals bodies. All of our products are manufactured on site in the UK. Clynder Cables maintain stringent internal documented quality procedures. 

Quality Policy

RoHS and REACH Compliance

Clynder Cables are fully compliant to both RoHS directive (2011/65/EU) and REACH (2006/121/EC).

RoHS and REACH Compliance Statement

Environmental Policy


All of our Tri-rated cables carry the three approval ratings – UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and BSI (British Standards Institution). Cable is tested in-house and samples are sent regularly to the approvals bodies to ensure continual compliance with all three standards.

BASEC Approved Cables

Clynder Cables offer a wide range of BASEC* Approved Cables including 2491B / 6701B LSZH and 2491X panel wires, as well as a wide range of PVC flexes including 318*Y, 218*Y and 219*Ys. Cable quality is assured through stringent in-house testing and regular monitoring and sampling by BASEC.

*British Approvals Service for Cables



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